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Can't read Chinese 不能閱中文
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Can not see Chinese characters:
If you cannot see Chinese characters in our site, please upgrade your browser with the Chinese display option for free. To upgrade your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, select tools, and then select Windows Update in the menu bar of your browser or simply press Upgrade Internet Explorer . You will get a setup file downloaded into the directory you specify. After download completed, run that setup file. It will analyze your existing programs. Then it will display a report of what options you already have and what options you can select. When selection complete, press download to begin update. Some update could take several hours on a slow line. For CD users, we have included the Internet Explorer for your convenience. Go to iesetup directory and run the setup file.

如你在我們的網頁上不能閱讀中文字,請免費進升瀏覽器令其具有中文顯示之選擇.  要將你的微軟互聯網搜索者瀏覽器升級,可在選項欄選擇工具,然後選擇視窗更新又或簡單地按進升互聯網搜索者 便可.如此你便會獲得安裝檔案下載於你所指定的批檔中.下載完畢就可以執行安裝檔案.它將會分析你現存的程式.然後它將會顯示報告你已有的選項和你可以選擇的其它選項.當選擇完成,按下載來開始更新.如線路緩慢, 有些更新工作需時數小時.如使用我們的光碟,光碟中已包含'互聯網搜索者'瀏覽器, 你只要去到ie5setup 批檔就可執行安裝檔案.


Chinese editing tools:
If you want to type Chinese characters in your Microsoft Word and Outlook Express English version, please select Chinese editing tools option as well. Whenever you run these programs, you will see a green square on the lower right hand side corner of the task bar. When you activate this icon, you can select the language for your keyboard.

如你要在你的微軟文書及快速展示台英文版打中文字,請你亦要挑選中交編輯工具,當你操作這些程式,你將會在右下角看見一個小綠色方塊.當你觸動其中之小圖像, 你就可以選擇鍵盤的語言.



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