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Bulk Email 集體電郵
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Send Email to a group of people in one operation:
For Microsoft Outlook Express user, please go to the address book by clicking the icon addresses. Hi-light the first address you want to send, press shift button on keyboard and select the last address you want to send by clicking the mouse again. You will find a group of people has been selected. Press control button and use the mouse button to remove the people you do not want to send. Select Tools, Action, and Send Mail in the menu bar. You will see a mail form has already prepared for you with every recipient name on it. You can start typing your letter.

為微軟快速展示台用者,請按地址欄去到地址簿,亮起第一個所要的地址,然後按著鍵盤的shift按鈕和選擇最後所要的地址按滑鼠之按鈕. 一群人的地址便已選上. 若這群人中發現有不需要的,可按鍵盤的control按鈕然後用滑鼠選出不要的地址按一下滑鼠按鈕便可將之消除.在目錄欄選擇工具,行動,發信,你將發現信件格式已為你準備好了.  每一收信人之電郵地址都已列出.你可以開始打上你的信了.


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