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Gospel 傳揚福音
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How to spread Gospel through Internet?
With nowadays Internet technology. You can always work for God without leaving your home. Browse our site and select the pages you like your friends to see or hear. Hi-light the URL on the address bar, such as http://sda.hitechemall.com/. Click the right hand side button on the mouse. Copy the URL. Paste it into the Email. When your friends receive your Email, they can see the same page on clicking the link. Request them to relay your message to every friend. Mathematically proven: 50x50=2500, 50x50x50=125,000, 50x50x50x50=6.25million. There could be total 6.377550 million people reading your Email after 4th generation, if you send only 50 Email and request them to be relayed  to at least 50 people.

http://sda.hitechemall.com .按滑鼠之右按鈕.抄URL.貼入電郵信件中.當你的朋友們收到你的電郵,他們按關連鍵就能看或聽到同一的網頁.你可要求你的朋友傳遞你的信息給他們的每一朋友.根據數理:  50x50=2,500,50x50x50=125,000,50x50x50x50=6,250,000.只要你發出50封電郵給你的朋友,你的朋友每人亦轉寄50封電郵給他們的朋友.如此下去,到第四代,他們就會發出六百二十五萬封電郵.總共將會有6,377,550人閱讀到你的電郵.


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