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No instant sound 無即時聲
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This site require Microsoft Media Player. It plays while downloading. No waiting time is required. If there is any problem. The easiest way to fix it is to upgrade your player free. Download free player version 7 now.

本網使用微軟多媒體解碼器,可一面下載, 一面立刻收看.如有困難, 請將解碼器升級,免費下載.

If you can not upgrade your media player, it is because your Internet Explorer is too old. Upgrade Internet Explorer now.


For CD users, we have included the Internet Explorer for your convenience. Please go to iesetup directory and run the setup file.

為方便光碟使用者, 我們已把瀏覽器 '互聯網搜索者' 包在光碟內.  只要到iesetup就可執行安裝工作.



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